Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mike! And About Drawing Friends...

Here's a pic of my buddy Mike, who jokingly asked me to draw a "Disney version of himself" after he saw what I did for Angela. Now, I find it funny how Angela asked me to turn her into a Disney princess, because I'm not sure my style is that Disney...haha. But people seem to think so. >__> And thennn what ends up happening if someone asks me to do that, is that I try so hard to make it look Disney that the drawing ends up failing. I think that's what happened with this. Even though it was a pretty fast sketch, I still think I could've done better.

Which brings me to my next point -- I need to draw real life people more often. I remember in high school, I would ALWAYS get asked "CAN YOU DRAW ME?!?!" And then I would say "sure..." but I would always HATE the result. Whenever someone asks me to draw them, I get so caught up in trying to make it look like the actual person that again, it fails.


So I'm going to fix it.

So many of my drawings look the same, and in order for me to get better, I need to draw a variety of people (obviously) so that's what I'm going to do. If you read this blog regularly and are a close friend of out because you'll probably see yourself on here soon.

I have a list of friends I'm planning on drawing this week. And trust's gonna happen. And Mike, I'll probably be redrawing you too. xD Haha~


  1. Your picture of me is amazing! Haha, all I can think of is that it's a wonderful day for pie. =P

    Thanks so much! =D

  2. Do the people who ask you for Disney style pictures, or say they think they look very Disney-like have a good amount of knowledge about animation? I mean I can see where someone might pick up the general vibe in them but it seems so faint that it wouldn't really be the major influence.

    I feel like your drawings show a lot more of an Americanized anime/manga influence than it does a more traditional American animation feel. I feel like more American character design depends a lot more on the strong facial features but your characters seem to tell a lot more about themselves through their expressions mainly in the eyes.

    Idk /babblebabble

  3. Haha Dann...sorry I'm only responding now I've been so busy! Tt's funny because I drew myself and put it on facebook, and my friend said "CAN YOU MAKE ME A DISNEY PRINCESS TOO?!?!" and I wasn't even thinking that my stuff looked Disney at all, but then I was like "uhhhh sure?" And then Mike asked me to Disney-fy (?) him too and I was like "okay I'll try..."

    It's actually reallyyyy hard for me to try to make people look Disney because that's not my style! You're right, I did used to draw only anime, and I'm trying REALLY HARD to get out of it now but it's super difficult. I guess now it's leaning more toward Disney for some people. I dunno. I don't think it looks really Disney either!!! xD

    I really appreciate your comment. =) And yeah, I like drawing faces the most, obviously. I hate drawing bodies because I suck at proportion. Lol funny how you notice xD I'm starting a figure drawing class though, to hopefully remedy that!!!