Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mega Millions...? =D Nope. Mega FAIL!!! =(

Soooo...I was one of those people who ran out and bought lottery tickets today.

... =(

Sure it was only $5, but that was only my second time ever buying a lottery ticket! (The first time was RIGHT when I turned 18). Since my birthday is on Thursday, and I never buy lotto tickets, I thought this would be my time! And I would win $335 mil and fix all my problems and all my family's problems and be able to buy awesome equipment and make all the movies I've been wanting to make!

I also went to the gym today and watched all those hopeful people on the news buying lotto tix, and I was like "MANNNN. I AM SO GONNA WIN!!!" I was super pumped!!! And even though some annoying guy tried to get me to buy his wax at the gas station, I DIDN'T CARE, because I was gonna win $335 mil!!! =D

Well guess what...?!

I didn't.

MEGA MILLIONS?! Yeah right. More like mega fail. =( It doesn't help that I feel like a hobo in my super baggy clothes. Not like I care but...it emphasizes my poverty. ;_; Sniff.

Oh well. At least I got cute shoes in the mail today! =D I got these during the after Christmas Finish Line sale. I wasn't going to buy anything but...I couldn't resist. And anyone who knows me well enough knows that these are my colors! ...And at just $20 I HAD to. They served their purpose. =)


  1. I buy lottery tickets sometimes too :( Here though, it's never mega millions but like a few million lol.

    Love those shoes!! Where did you get them?

  2. Yeah apparently the $335 million was the 4th biggest jackpot in our history...so it was on the news and stuff and there were like crazy lines at the gas stations...2 people won. =( One in Idaho and the other in Washington. Can't even imagine winning that much money!!! Actually I can...haha. xD

    I got them from http://www.finishline.com/. They had an awesome after christmas sale =)