Monday, March 28, 2011


Drew this a couple days ago while I was on the phone with at work. Productive right?! :D Wasn't gonna post till it was colored, but now I'm not exactly sure when I'll have time to color so...thought I'd just put it up now. Alright gonna pass out....been superrrr exhausteddd these past couple days and have gotten such little sleep. How nostalgic.

Friday, March 25, 2011

More Sketches - Roger's, B&N, Honda

So this is a compilation of sketches. The ones on the left were from Roger's Gardens when Andy came to hang out at lunch on Tuesday. :) It was nice! Especially because it was sunny! :D Then the guy sleeping in the chair on the right was from today when I waited 2 hours at Honda for my maintenance to get done...he was barking on his cell phone in German for the longest time and then passed out. He looked important with his fancy pants and shoes, so I had to draw him! Then the rest was more Barnes and Noble from today. Seriously. Barnes and Noble has SUCH interesting people!!!

Barnes & Noble Mainplace

I had errands to run near Mainplace Mall and wanted to wait for the traffic to die down so I thought I'd go to Barnes & Noble to do homework for Kevin's class. I kept getting distracted and drawing people. I think now that I'm getting used to it, I wanna do it all the time! :D So glad I started going to those Saturday sketch sessions!

The lady at the top left sat at my table with her husband. She saw me studying an anatomy book and said "Ohhhh you're studying anatomy! Pre-med?" and I replied with "Nah. Artist." and she was like "....Oh."

I can't help feeling like I disappointed her...and she's not even my mother! xD I thought it was funny.

Analytical Figure Drawing - Week 07

Alright I'm horrible and didn't do week 6, but it's pretty much the same thing anyway so I'm just going to do a ton of drawings like this. Only half though...I still have to do some pelvis studies. :\ Those I'm kind of nervous about. I got all of these poses from Sarah Simblet's "Anatomy for the Artist" which is a freaking AMAZING anatomy book that I bought a couple years ago but never really knew how to use till now. It's SUPER helpful, especially the semi-transparent overlays of bones over pictures of models. :) And the photos are amazzzzzinnggg!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gnomes! :D

Something I'm working on with Jann. :) Hope she doesn't get mad at me for posting.. haha...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rad Sketch Session Hollywood! (3/19/11)

I think I might be starting to get it...maybe. Hopefully. I like the top one best. I love microns :D

Amy and I got there super late, so we hung out after to draw on our own. Frank and Ron came with us :) Super awesome guys!! And really, really helpful. They are so talented and experienced we learned SOOOO much! We ate at 25 degrees at the Roosevelt Hotel, best burgers I've ever had! :D

When A Girl Is Sad, Give Her Ice Cream

I think it's funny how a lot of guys don't know how to react when a girl starts crying. It's simple -- just give her ice cream! That's how it works with me anyway :)

Random Sketches

Some awful random sketches I've done when going to lunch with Andy or other random times...not good or anything but definitely still wanna post it for progression purposes.

Rad Sketch Session at The Grove! (3/12/11)

So apparently I'm using this blog now as kind of a picture diary for all these sketch sessions. I go super picture happy because they're soooo fun and I have a really tiny cute camera now :) So I'm just gonna post smaller pictures since there will be a lot... Also I'm behind. This was last week's sketch session. I'll post this week's today too. I really need to start keeping these to date...blargh.

I didn't do too well today. I think I was talking and eating too much (HAHA). Also I realized that drawing with pen really ISSSS so much better. Just for some reason today when I tried the brush pen it didn't work for I just kept going with the pencil and didn't get too great of results. Oh well. Still worth it to post anyway.

Today I met Kendra Melton, a super awesome illustrator. Talking with her too about how she got to LA really inspired me...heck everyone is inspiring! I love hearing about it. :) But yeah, check her stuff out!
Francesco :)

After the sessh we went to Meltdown Comics... (where I learned how to play Warhammer...COOL! :D)

...and then to Toi Thai.

And yay! I got to take a picture with Rad! :D I feel so honored~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Toy Story 3!!!!

So today I finished watching Toy Story 3 again... THAT MOVIE NEEDS TO STOP MAKING ME CRY!!!! GAHHHH!!!

Whatever. That just means its amazing. Because it ISSSS!!!

Bonnie is so adorable. I couldn't NOT draw her. :) I also wanted to try applying the structure lessons I've been getting in class to a pre-existing character... I think I am definitely starting to understand! It helps a lot.

Alright. That's enough spam for the day. I'm exhausted! I hope I can keep this posting thing going regularly again...crossing my fingers!

Little Sister Outing - Downtown Disney! :D

Alright...I just HAD to post this! HAHA! I wonder if Ana would be upset if she knew... xD

So yesterday I took my lil sis out to Downtown Disney and I had dinner at the Jazz Kitchen Express and got her some beignets...which she had never tried. She loved them! :D Anyway. I let her look through my sketchbook and then she decided to draw me, if I drew her. So that's me on the left! I think it is BEYONNNNDDD adorable, and she did a wonderful job! Even though I have curly hair and am wearing a gown... haha! She said she doesn't know how to draw straight hair so she always draws it curly. :) It's alright. I've had a perm before. But yeah, then I drew her afterwards on the right there. It's no match to hers though! :) Then she wrote her name~

This being a big sister thing is another dream come true for me...I look forward to my lil sister outing and CDA days throughout the whole week! Because these all usually fall toward the end of it.

I noticed that Lisa left a comment on my previous sister related post and I didn't see it till now. I really need to find that stupid setting that emails me notifications when someone comments! ~___~ Anyway, the answer is that...having a little sister is great. And Ana is so much more than I could ever ask for. :) She's not difficult at all, and she's suchhhh a sweet girl! I feel so privileged to know that I'm having some kind of impression on her...and I'm just really grateful that she likes me. :) We have so much fun together, and I can't believe how PERFECT she is for me! LIKE REALLLLLLLYYYY!!!! I'm just so psyched to have an impact on her life! It's crazy!

Now I'm gonna do some advertising, because Big Brothers and Big Sisters really need volunteers. There are tons of kids waiting for Bigs, and not enough Bigs going it's really unfortunate. It's an amazing program, and for such a great cause...I recruited 3 big sisters at work today and it was a super great feeling. :) I hope I can recruit more, because's really worth it to change the world one kid at a time. Whoever is reading this, click here and PLEASE CONSIDER IT!!!! It's only a small commitment (min twice a month, 4 hours, max once a week) and it's totally worth it...and funnnnn too!!! :) So again. CLICK HERE AND BE A BIG!!! :D

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rad Sketch Session in Little Tokyo!

So I have to say...I feel beyond privileged to be able to attend these sketch sessions, held by super beyond amazing Dreamworks storyboard artist Rad Sechrist (on the right in below pic with the glasses). He's done storyboards for Megamind and Kung Fu Panda 2 among a bunch of other things, including being a contributor to the Flight comics, and it's just crazy to be in his presence. :) He also has a super helpful How-To blog if you're interested. ;) But yeah...he just started holding these quick sketch sessions on Saturdays. Thankfully I was able to meet him right as he was starting these, and I got to join them in Little Tokyo last Saturday. :D

That's my TA for Analytical Figure Drawing there on the left, Dan. He's SOOOO crazy talented!!! I can't believe I got to sit in between them. :D :D :D Maybe their talent will rub off on me? :D? Ha.

I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT TO MEET SO MANY AWESOME ARTISTS!!! :D Christie Tseng is beyond amazing....I'd ben hearing so much about her and finally got to meet her that day! You MUST check out her stuff. Ian Abando is sitting there on the bottom left... he's crazy too! Tuna Bora and Yasemin Baran's are amazing artists as well! SO BEAUTIFUL! AHHH I'm so jealous of their talent!

Haha I'm always so hesitant to follow these people's blogs now... I hope they don't see mine. D:

Ivan Gonzali was nice enough to tell me about Will Weston's class at the Animation Guild, which I plan to definitely take sometime in the near future, next time they have it. :) I honestly don't have time for it right now, as much as I would wanna do it. :( Also I would feel weird just going without paying...sure they keep tabs on their students anyway. :P

DAN IS AMAZING. I AM SO GLAD HE'S MY TA!!!! He's already helped me SOOOOO much!!!! AHHHHH!!!! :D :D :D

These drawings go in order of most recent. So the ink ones above are after Rad told me that it might help to not use a pencil. He uses sharpie. I think that drove me to try using a pen... my problem is my lines aren't confident enough and I'm all sketchy. Gotta stop that! So using the pen really helped. You can see a difference I think, between the top set and the bottom set.

The bottom set is kind of I introduction to quick sketching? I tried doing it at Panera, and Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Lucille's... just did NOTTTT work! I felt so frustrated and Little Tokyo definitely helped. :)

I was hesitant to post these...but I think it'll be cool to look back on it one day when I'm awesome and remember how I started. You know? I hope I improve... geez.

I have to say too that I learned so much... I've never EVER been able to quick sketch, because it was always so FRUSTRATING! But they taught me some techniques that definitely's only up from here, right? :) I thought I'd be intimidated by all the talent over there, but it was the opposite -- I was, and am, more inspired than I have ever been in my life.

I'm sooo grateful to all the awesome artists I met, especially because they take the time to answer my questions and help me out! :) Everyone is so nice!

Seriously. I hope no one wakes me up.

Dannnggg this is one long post! That's what I get for slacking off. xD

So I Just Spammed My Class Blog With These...

I think I've been trying to get used to my new, super busy schedule. The first 2 weeks were alright, and then all this stuff happened and I my posting kind of suffered... not only this blog but my class one too. I felt bad spamming homework from the past 3 weeks just now. ~__~ At least here it's all in one post!!!

So yeah, CDA week 3, 4, and 5 (Week 5 is the top 4...).

Just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been drawing. I'm drawing more now than I ever have in my life, and that's the way it should be. Deciding to finally go this path has been my best decision ever. :) It's SOOOO FUN!!! I feel like I'm in a dream! Not even kidding. :)

Gosh I hope I'm at least improving a little bit. I don't want to fool myself into thinking I am...haha.