Friday, November 2, 2012

Business Cards

I had to make last minute business cards for CTN... I wanted to make 6 different designs but didn't have time :( :( :( I guess I'll just print out more later. Hopefully they print out alright! These will be my first business cards EVER! I'm kinda excited :)

Willa Character Sheet

I was kinda in a bad place last night… I wasn’t having fun drawing Willa at all and she’s the main character of this story I’m working on! So yeah… was kinda depressing. I drew her like a bajillion times and she just had no life to her… but then today I got the “Art of Wreck-It Ralph” book and boy was that an inspiration :) Before I was so focused on keeping her simple that she was all stiff, but after I started loosening up, she started to have some personality. I still have a bajillion more drawings to do of her before I’m comfortable, but I think I’m finally heading in the right direction maybe~