Sunday, January 2, 2011

Glen Keane!!! And Rapunzel of course...

My boyfriend says I am a stalker. A Rapunzel stalker. That is totally unfair...I'm just passionate! UGH! He says every time he looks at me I'm looking at some type of Tangled art. SO WHAT IF THAT'S TRUE?! I AM NO STALKER!!!

Seriously though...Watching Tangled reingnited a spark in me that had been nearly dying in the embers for probably about 7 years? I haven't been this excited about drawing since I was like 14 when I was doing my crappy webcomic.

Anyway. So I doodled this today because in Tangled...Rapunzel's hair never once got tangled! And it would be awful for her to get a tangle!

I've also been looking at Glen Keane artwork. WHY CAN'T I BE GLEN KEANE?! His lines have so much life!! GAHHHH!!! Why can't my lines look alive like that?! I'm so jealous...that's something I am definitely aiming for.

I did not draw this. Glen Keane drew this. Obviously. But I put it on here just because I love it. =)


I'm upset because it's currently out of stock and I have no idea when I'm going to receive it, but I still bought it! So now it'll be a surprise and I'm gonna freak out when it eventually comes. =D


  1. I love ordering things and then forgetting they are on there way. It is always such a good moment when it arrives out of nowhere.

  2. Glen Keane used to have these books called Adam Raccoon I would read during Sunday School when I was little. His artwork is/has always been amazing and top notch. (Though I'm not the best judge).

  3. Awwwww Mike that's so cute!!! =) I just looked it up! For some reason that looks so familiar to me...Haha I think you judge fine!~ =P Glen Keane is too awesome!