Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pickle Turnaround (First One Ever!!!)

So this weekend I got to work on some long overdue Gnomescape stuff, which is a BLAST btw! :D I'm having so much fun with this project! Anyway, I got the logo done, which is here in black and white, but I do have a color version too (YAAAYYY!! :D), and I did my first turnaround!!! :D This is Pickle, the main character! It's really great that Jann is entrusting the whole look of this game to me...kind of daunting but, it's really a dream come true. :) I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure I'm not dreaming.

I'm starting to feel like a real character designer!!! :O!!! :D!!!

More to come! :)

Everything Is Illuminated!!!

One of my favorite books EVER is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. He wrote Everything is Illuminated before that book, but I never finished reading it and have always wanted to see the movie! I finalllyyy got to watch it last night and wow I loved it so much!! If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend!!! I'm a fan of anything related to the Holocaust/WW2, and this is no exception. Beautifully shot, entertaining and heartfelt, and really great casting for the characters :) I wanted to draw the whole movie! But I just doodled these because I wanted to pay attention. ;)

I was going to edit them in photoshop so you didn't see the crap behind it that was from a weekend trip to El Dorado Park, but I was too lazy so I'm just dumping it all here. -_-

Elijah Wood has really big, pretty eyes. Just stating the obvious.

New Sylvi

So we stopped playing NWN2 because it sucked...basically...and started up NWN like we had been trying to since like junior year in college? (I feel old saying that btw.. ~_~) Anyway, I changed Sylvi from a favored soul to my favorite class -- Druid! :D So now she's an elven druid, and she has a panther but when I tried to draw it, it sucked so bad so I deleted it in photoshop. Hopefully it'll come back later. I really need animal practice... (Personal Note: Done on May 28)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Glee Season Finale

Glee season finale was yesterday, and I almost subconsciously drew Rachel Berry. The rest of the cast is still to come!

California Friendly Contest Judging

Last Friday I got to go out with the judges for our California Friendly Garden Contest for work. It was super fun! :D We just went to different gardens all day and my job was to take pictures! All the judges were so nice too. Horticulturists are AMAZING. They can name like any plant you see! It's ridiculous.

Above is Cindy and Dan, the ones I talked to the most. Dan actually saw me drawing him and pointed at it and said "HEY!" Then he took a picture of my drawing. I was super honored. :) Then I messed up the drawing with marker. :( I will get better with it...I swear!

Models Are So Skinny.

Little Red Riding Sketch?

Ha. This will be better when colored (Hopefully).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Red Hair and Freckles! :D

So I'm a huge fan of red hair and freckles. I've always wished that I was born with freckles..but sadly I wasn't. Maybe I can paint them on?

Anyway. Does this make me love gingers? When did gingers get such a bad rep anyways? Was it because of South Park? I think gingers are ADORABLE! And whenever someone says "ginger" I think of Coldstone's awesome gingerbread cookie cake they have at Christmas time. I don't really like gingerbread aside from that but...it still smells nice!!! Do gingers smell like gingerbread? Maybe at Christmas? Hmmm.

...Is it bad that I said ginger a bajillion times? Is that derogatory? I don't mean anything bad by it. :( I just really like them!

Sylvi Portrait

So here's Sylvi again. I wanted to do a portrait of her...and I'm gonna practice color on it tonight. Scared! O_O Not really...I just know I'm gonna fail...but whatever. Vince told me this looks really "Disney."

....I'm so tired of people telling me that I draw so "Disney." I need to change my style. But it's tough to change your style when you still don't know how to draw too well. :(

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks

Pumped Up Kicks. Literally.

Probably what Mickey Mouse or the Kingdom Hearts crew do with their shoes ;)

CDA Crew!!!

I was really sad for CDA to end last term... :( But new term will be starting soon! It just will never be the same as my first. More on this later!


So yeah...here's Sylvi! My NWN char. More on this later.

The Voice!

So me and my boyfriend have been REALLY into that new singing show "The Voice" lately. It's actually a really good show! So last night I decided to try and crappily draw the judges... -_-

Random Sketchbook Stuff

Mostly from May 17. River Monsters guy is in there, along with a crappy Pareiba sketch, this crazyyyy huge scary catfish in the amazon! HE CAUGHT IT THOUGH! :D Love it when that happens!

Also my boyfriend and I started playing Neverwinter Nights 2. He had this awesome idea to draw our characters every week, or every 4 levels, so we can watch the progression of our character like with their armor and stuff, and also our skills.

My character is Sylvi Aers, a favored soul of Lliira. I suck at NWN though...I need to learn it -__- But the character aspect is really fun :) Can't wait to see where she goes. Anyway, my first quick sketch of her is on the right.


The Grandma...my favorite so far :)


Another character for Jann's project! The sister! The one on the left is the original design and on the right is the redesign which I like WAYYY better.

Group Pic!!!

For my little sister Ana in a Diary of a Wimpy Kid DIY book! She asked me to draw my friends. I missed a lot of people :( They will come later!


Such crappy drawings of Rapunzel but I thought I might as well post them. I'm gonna draw her till I draw her WELL. I guess I never really tried to draw in a super Disney style (Like...copying directly) and it's way harder to get right than I thought it would be...

I'm so bummed I missed that Making of Tangled event at Gnomon. :( SIGHHHH. NOW MORE TANGLED ART IS IN ORDER!!!


So WAYYYY back in the beginning of April I went to WONDERCON which was awesome! :) I actually have some pictures to post and more to say but that'll take some time so I'll add that later. Sadly I didn't draw as much as I wanted to...mostly because I was too busy eating that yummy San Francisco food. ;) Horrible, I know.

The top is mostly from the wait at LAX. It reminded me of Chris, because I know he sat waiting in the airport a lot last quarter. :)

The Incredibles!

When I was sick in bed one day, the boyfriend kindly set up a Pixar playlist for me so I wouldn't feel so miserable :) I fell asleep during Ratatouille and woke up with the Incredibles playing. I really love Violet, so I drew this really fast then went right back to sleep after xD

Let's Go Back In Time Here....

These are both from late March...never had time to upload them! I tend to do that a lot...it's not that I haven't been drawing, it's that I haven't uploaded. :\ Woops! BLARGH!

Top one is mainly from Frostbites, this REALLY REALLY good Italian Sorbet place in Cypress. Then some Newport people are mixed in there too. My favorite is the lady in the tiger coat. She was totally a cougar in tiger's clothing ;) Funny because a week or so later I saw a sticker on someone's car that said "I'm a cougar and I love it" or something...Oh Newport.