Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mike! And About Drawing Friends...

Here's a pic of my buddy Mike, who jokingly asked me to draw a "Disney version of himself" after he saw what I did for Angela. Now, I find it funny how Angela asked me to turn her into a Disney princess, because I'm not sure my style is that Disney...haha. But people seem to think so. >__> And thennn what ends up happening if someone asks me to do that, is that I try so hard to make it look Disney that the drawing ends up failing. I think that's what happened with this. Even though it was a pretty fast sketch, I still think I could've done better.

Which brings me to my next point -- I need to draw real life people more often. I remember in high school, I would ALWAYS get asked "CAN YOU DRAW ME?!?!" And then I would say "sure..." but I would always HATE the result. Whenever someone asks me to draw them, I get so caught up in trying to make it look like the actual person that again, it fails.


So I'm going to fix it.

So many of my drawings look the same, and in order for me to get better, I need to draw a variety of people (obviously) so that's what I'm going to do. If you read this blog regularly and are a close friend of out because you'll probably see yourself on here soon.

I have a list of friends I'm planning on drawing this week. And trust's gonna happen. And Mike, I'll probably be redrawing you too. xD Haha~

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Angela!

Man it still doesn't look like her...but it's her birthday so I had to give her something. ~_~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flower Girl Color Test

Super quick color test! Man I need practice.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Abacus: Cliff, Cherry and Aome

This is Cliff, the hero of Abacus and Aome's opposite. His lower half is generally in sweatpants, while his upper half attempts to dress nicely due to family demands. His actual name is Clifford, based off Clifford the Big Red Dog. He's a redhead, and his parents bonded over Clifford when they were younger so they decided it would be perfect for him, and also make a lot of sense. He's really embarassed about it though...being named after a dog.

I also kind of hate scanning on my cheap scanner compared to the one at work. When I scan at work, I can just directly throw it in a post and it looks nice (like the below Aome post). But then when I scan it here, it screws up the natural color of the paper so much that instead of trying to get the color right, I just desaturate it and mess with levels. =( I like the brownish color so much better though. So...that explains the different "paper" colors. I know it probably doesn't bother anyone else, but the lack of consistency bothers me, especially with two pictures that were drawn right next to each other. Sigh. Okee...rant OVER.

I've been drawing way too many girls lately. There was a period where I just drew guys. I feel like I forgot how to draw them. It's so much more of an effort whereas the girls just come out easily. I guess that makes sense though.

A scribble while I was writing some story stuff. My first try at Aome, before the drawing in the below entry, and an idea for another character, Cherry (Cherrie?) She's a childhood friend of Cliff's, and they became close due to the humiliation of being very literally named because of their red hair. I normally don't draw in pen, but I think I should more often. Usually when my stuff is in pen, it's because I was doing something else and somehow ended up scribbling...haha. Pen looks really cool if done right though, so I should really practice.


Lately I've been busy writing Abacus, the webcomic I'm going to launch (hopefully!!!) next month! If I actually get to drawing it. Blah. That's why I haven't been posting...sigh. But now I'm finally getting to the character designs of my characters. Here's the main girl, Aome (Pronounced A-oh-me). She's blind and albino. =) Doesn't look it in this pic though. I'm excited to get some color into her! She buys and wears things based on texture and comfort, and she's got a pretty eccentric personality. She has what seems like an infinite collection of weirdly shaped glasses, which she cycles through and usually has on. For this pic though I wanted to get her eyes in there. She's holding generic heart shaped sunglasses, but she has weirder ones by far. =)

I always have a buncha characters running around in my head, but Aome is my favorite so far. I think she is the character I've created most similar to me personality-wise, because you know, I'm not exactly blind or albino.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs. Avatar

I know I've been slacking...but that's because I've been writing and trying to figure out this project I'm really getting serious on. I'll have drawings up in a bit! I wanted to post this though...mainly for my own benefit to make me smile when I'm feeling down. Haha...I usually hate these stupid mashup things too. But this one is just SOOOO well done.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alien Glasses

When we went to Vegas, I found these awesome alien glasses that I absolutely loved! I really should've bought them...

Friday, January 14, 2011


Okee so this pic isn't a drawing (obviously) but I am just SOOOOO happy that this finally came!!! I'm so spoiled with Amazon 2 day shipping that when something takes a week to get here I flip out! AHHHH!!! This was like the reward at the end of a really busy workday. I sped home just for this guy. =) He's even better than I could imagine! SO SOFT!!! I've been looking for a super super soft huggable plushie too...and it looks like I finally found him!

It's a plus that it turned out to be Appa <3

Thursday, January 13, 2011


My friend Angela told me to draw her as a Disney princess. I scribbled this down...and realized it looked nothing like her, nor a Disney princess. Her hair isn't even this long! I guess that's what I do without a reference -__- Here's hoping I can salvage it in Photoshop...

Scooby Snacks!

I'm so tired! But you know...told myself I would post! Does this even count? Haha...maybe I just shouldn't have posted.

Super busy errand filled day. No time for drawing even at lunch =( Then when I got back at like 8ish, I worked out for the first time in a while. Felt like I would die. Then I made these Scooby Snack protein bars. They really look like pieces of shit...but they are pretty tasty!~ =) They took a while to make though because you have to roll them in flax. I'm exhausted. From rolling the flax know.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Platypuses (platy...pi?) have always intrigued me.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sokka and Toph

I never really used to do fanart, even in my otaku days. So what has Avatar done to me? Ugh I DUNNO!!! It's like that phenomenon of wanting to strangle a cute animal just because they are SOOO CUTE! It's like this! I love the characters sooo much that I need to DO something about it! Too bad I'm in artist's block. =(

Sokka and Toph are my super favorite characters and I've been wanting to draw them for a couple days now. I just had a really busy weekend, yet I somehow managed to fit finishing the series into by staying up really late (something I haven't done for a whileee!) xD Now I'm Avatar obsessed, and I'm not afraid to say it. Even though I'm a couple years late. Haha.

Anyway, so now that I actually sat down to draw them, nothing came out right. I owe them a badass picture in the future, but for now I'll just post this.

Sokka is my type of guy. Really. With the sarcasm, wit, intelligence, creativity and cheesy jokes...basically sums up my current boyfriend. HAHA! I'm sure he doesn't mind being compared to Sokka though. =) He's even tan, asian, and exotic looking. No wonder Sokka gets all the girls.

I Am Officially In Artist's Block

Okee so my two main rules for this blog are:
1) Try as best as I can to post something everyday.
2) When I am horribly frustrated and I'm in artist's block and think everything I do is shit...I MUST still post.

So here you go.

Don't worry. It shall pass. I still have to come up with a remedy for it, but that's what this site is for, yeah? =)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How To Train Your Dragon

One of my favorite animated movies ever has to be How To Train Your Dragon! I'm SUPER happy I got it for my birthday!~ =D Today I started watching the extras, and one of them teaches you how to draw Toothless! Decided to post my try at it...because I had a busy weekend and hate myself for not having posted anything. I will make up for it soon I promise! ~__~

Friday, January 7, 2011

If I Had A Tail...

...I would constantly be afraid of it turning around and biting my face off.

Sidenote: I went to LA for a really nice dinner today with a bunch of UCLA friends. School seems so long and tedious when you're in it, but looking's actually such a short fleeting moment. It was weird seeing all of us together in one place like old times. Nostalgia trip! I miss it. With how life is now, I really took those days for granted when I had them always around me. =( I miss school days, despite how much I hated them.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Am Addicted To Art Books

Very thankful to my boyfriend for the How To Train Your Dragon =))) I've been wanting the blu-ray and the art book for a while now!!!!! <3

Yay It's My Birthday! =D

I am a year older today! Woohoo! =) Birthdays are always bittersweet, you know? I don't really act like it, but I LOVE them. I've loved them since I was a kid. Nowadays though, whenever my birthday comes around I act like a depressed mess. (Not really, but I kind of lay low on the "acting excited" part xD) I was really sad on my last teen year, and ever since I was 20 it's never really been the same. It's stupid, but I feel like now that I'm not longer in my teen years I have to act like an adult and not really care about my birthday. So that's what I've been doing.

What I really, REALLY miss though are my awesome birthday parties as a kid. When I would go to like...Chuckie Cheese and have a table in front of those creepy mechanical figures and they sang happy birthday to me and the mascots came out and we took picssss and all my friends were thereee and there were all these balloons and cake and streamers and signs and -- yeah. Those were the days. The last birthday that was like that I think was my 20th bday when my friend Toki threw a scavenger hunt for me. That was AWESOME. And so fun! I love love LOVED that and it's something I will never forget. =) Other than that though... blah. I'm the kind of person who LOVES it when I go to a restaurant and someone says it's my birthday. Even though I act embarrassed. It is just an act. Really. xD

Even though nothing ever really happens on my birthday anymore though, I still love them. I think that's something facebook is good for. I don't really like facebook, but I admit, broadcasting your birthday to all your friends can really make you feel special. Last night right at 12am my phone kept going off with people sending me messages and texts and stuff like that. It was really, really nice. Before I went to sleep it was cool to see that thing on my phone that said "37 new comments..."


Another thing I will admit -- I am a comment whore. I don't act like it, but getting a comment or a text is like Christmas to me. Or my birthday. Or just opening a present. I get this warm fuzzy feeling. =D So now my comment count is at 66 and I feel super super happy. Thank you facebook for slapping my birthday in everyone's face so they go comment on my page! =D Haha.

Does that sound pathetic? I don't care. Being at work on your birthday sucks, so having my iPhone go off all day with birthday greetings is really all I look forward to. I remember having your birthday at school was cool, because your friends would like write notes to you and stick a post-it on you or something saying like "HUG ME IT'S MY BIRTHDAY" or whatever. But being at work on this day, especially MY work...really sucks. I don't work in some huge office where it's lively and there's a buncha people. There are only like 5 people in my it's quiet.

I came in this morning and was like "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" and my boss was like "What are you, like 19?" Sigh.

Another thing too, I was like almost an hour late. I WANTED SLEEP! But I woke up at like 7:35...and I usually leave at 7 (and even then I worry that I'll get here late). And then I realized I really HAVE NO CLOTHES TO WEAR for work! SOOOOO in my rushing I threw on these pants with a broken zipper! I already KNEW the zipper was broken, but I honestly had no more options for clothes. So whenever I get up, or even when I'm just sitting at my desk, I have to constantly pull my shirt over my bulging piece of fat coming out of my pants D:!!! SIIIIGHHH. HORRIBLE! I FEEL SO FAT!!! GAHHHHRRR!!!

So yeah. As I sit here, bummed about being at work on my birthday, all I want is to rush out and go to Disneyland. But I know that won't happen, so I just stare at my phone and smile when I hear a new vibration. In between those moments of consolation, I wonder how my life ended up this way, and dream for something better.


I am BEYOND excited for my analytical figure drawing classes at CDA next month.

Thank you to all my friends and family who support me...visit this blog...and are kind enough to send me a little message on my birthday. Or even to talk to me at all. I really appreciate it, more than you can imagine. =)

Dang that was a long entry. O___O I wonder if anyone is gonna read this... haha. Oh well. At least it made me feel better. =)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Appa.... T__T

I was gonna draw more stuff today, but I ended up watching 7 episodes of Avatar The Last Airbender. Only 6 more to go till book 3! If I didn't have work it would go faster... =(

But yeah. This is really all I could do because I gotta sleep! I love Appa! And, assuming that most people who read this have already seen Avatar (since apparently I'm like the only person who's never watched it...) I was devastated when he got captured. ;__; Man...that series is really getting good right about now. I also really wanted to draw Toph, cuz she is damn awesome. But maybe tomorrow. I only have 10 more mins of being 21, and I'm planning on spending them in a nice warm shower! Because yeah... I got work tomorrow and wanna wake up as late as possible. Happy birthday to me.

Super Quick Work Sketch

I've been writing a comic about life...much like Johnny Wander, because a lot of really stupid things happen to me. I think it's about time to actually start it. Make it know. A diary. =D I was checking up on my old webcomic yesterday and can't believe I was able to do that when I was like 12 or whatever (exaggeration). So I'm sure I can do better now! Also, the Princess and the Pea rendition I'm planning I want to eventually make into a webcomic too, but that one is gonna be toughhhh. I need some practice first! So I think right now I'm going to try and start figuring out who my most frequent characters are and what they look like in comic book form. So watch out! You might see yourself on here soon! xD Bwahaha!

Anyway. This is a quick sketch of comic me! I wish I looked like this in real life... haha. I do dress like this though! It's what I'm currently wearing =) Something you should know about me...I hate wearing pants. =\ Unless they're pajama pants! Otherwise I try to get away with a dress or big shirt + leggings whenever I can.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mega Millions...? =D Nope. Mega FAIL!!! =(

Soooo...I was one of those people who ran out and bought lottery tickets today.

... =(

Sure it was only $5, but that was only my second time ever buying a lottery ticket! (The first time was RIGHT when I turned 18). Since my birthday is on Thursday, and I never buy lotto tickets, I thought this would be my time! And I would win $335 mil and fix all my problems and all my family's problems and be able to buy awesome equipment and make all the movies I've been wanting to make!

I also went to the gym today and watched all those hopeful people on the news buying lotto tix, and I was like "MANNNN. I AM SO GONNA WIN!!!" I was super pumped!!! And even though some annoying guy tried to get me to buy his wax at the gas station, I DIDN'T CARE, because I was gonna win $335 mil!!! =D

Well guess what...?!

I didn't.

MEGA MILLIONS?! Yeah right. More like mega fail. =( It doesn't help that I feel like a hobo in my super baggy clothes. Not like I care emphasizes my poverty. ;_; Sniff.

Oh well. At least I got cute shoes in the mail today! =D I got these during the after Christmas Finish Line sale. I wasn't going to buy anything but...I couldn't resist. And anyone who knows me well enough knows that these are my colors! ...And at just $20 I HAD to. They served their purpose. =)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Avatar The Last Airbender

I almost didn't do a drawing today because it was such a crappy day! Seriously. It really sucks being female sometimes. Sigh. The only thing that fixed it was Avatar (The Last Airbender..NOT the movie...) I know I'm a little late to that whole thing, but better late than never! I remember when it came out I didn't have cable and was too lazy to download it while it was still happening. I was always jealous that people got to watch it! BUUUTTTT, with the advent of Netflix, I FINALLY GET TO!! WOOHOO!!! =) So expect more Avatar fanart to come...haha.

Anyways, I bring to you a quick, last minute sketch of Aang and an even quicker one of Sokka. Aang is SOOOO adorable!!!! I love his attitude! <3 And Sokka is hilarious! I'll probably do a better drawing of him later because I love him so much. =) We got to book 2 today!!!~ Yeeee! Netflix is amazing. I should've gotten it earlier!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Glen Keane!!! And Rapunzel of course...

My boyfriend says I am a stalker. A Rapunzel stalker. That is totally unfair...I'm just passionate! UGH! He says every time he looks at me I'm looking at some type of Tangled art. SO WHAT IF THAT'S TRUE?! I AM NO STALKER!!!

Seriously though...Watching Tangled reingnited a spark in me that had been nearly dying in the embers for probably about 7 years? I haven't been this excited about drawing since I was like 14 when I was doing my crappy webcomic.

Anyway. So I doodled this today because in Tangled...Rapunzel's hair never once got tangled! And it would be awful for her to get a tangle!

I've also been looking at Glen Keane artwork. WHY CAN'T I BE GLEN KEANE?! His lines have so much life!! GAHHHH!!! Why can't my lines look alive like that?! I'm so jealous...that's something I am definitely aiming for.

I did not draw this. Glen Keane drew this. Obviously. But I put it on here just because I love it. =)


I'm upset because it's currently out of stock and I have no idea when I'm going to receive it, but I still bought it! So now it'll be a surprise and I'm gonna freak out when it eventually comes. =D

Bri and Wolfe

Decided to scribble some color into something. I think I like it better in black and white. =\ Sigh.

Happy 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! This was a random doodle...actually done yesterday (1/1/11), but I didn't set up my new scanner/printer/faxer till today! This new printer was $20, mind you. I can't even believe it. Pretty good quality for $20. =)

ANYWAY!!! I've got a lot planned for this year. Like I've said before too, 2010 was a year of my most extreme highs and lows...EVERRRR in my life. So in 2011 I really want to make up for all the crap that happened in 2010, and also try to decrease my own personal negativity. Hopefully this year turns out well. 1/1/11 is pretty awesome! I have dubbed this the #1 year!!! =) (Thus the doodle... xD)