Monday, January 24, 2011

Abacus: Cliff, Cherry and Aome

This is Cliff, the hero of Abacus and Aome's opposite. His lower half is generally in sweatpants, while his upper half attempts to dress nicely due to family demands. His actual name is Clifford, based off Clifford the Big Red Dog. He's a redhead, and his parents bonded over Clifford when they were younger so they decided it would be perfect for him, and also make a lot of sense. He's really embarassed about it though...being named after a dog.

I also kind of hate scanning on my cheap scanner compared to the one at work. When I scan at work, I can just directly throw it in a post and it looks nice (like the below Aome post). But then when I scan it here, it screws up the natural color of the paper so much that instead of trying to get the color right, I just desaturate it and mess with levels. =( I like the brownish color so much better though. So...that explains the different "paper" colors. I know it probably doesn't bother anyone else, but the lack of consistency bothers me, especially with two pictures that were drawn right next to each other. Sigh. Okee...rant OVER.

I've been drawing way too many girls lately. There was a period where I just drew guys. I feel like I forgot how to draw them. It's so much more of an effort whereas the girls just come out easily. I guess that makes sense though.

A scribble while I was writing some story stuff. My first try at Aome, before the drawing in the below entry, and an idea for another character, Cherry (Cherrie?) She's a childhood friend of Cliff's, and they became close due to the humiliation of being very literally named because of their red hair. I normally don't draw in pen, but I think I should more often. Usually when my stuff is in pen, it's because I was doing something else and somehow ended up scribbling...haha. Pen looks really cool if done right though, so I should really practice.

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  1. Man, you're definitely gonna be going places with your work, Elora. You're crazy talented!