Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Woohoo! My Kill la Kill Cameo In Major Lazer Was Noticed! :D

Being a Character Designer at Fox ADHD was my first industry job, so it was really cool so see my Kill la Kill cameo on Crunchyroll and Reddit :D I tried inserting so many easter eggs in my designs, but a lot of them got cut or recolored when translated to animation which was really disappointing. I’m SOOO glad this one survived! 

My producer made me cut Waldo who is still visible in the original file above…thank gosh she didn’t know what Kill la Kill was :) I DID have to change their faces to make them fit the style of the show more, but I’m glad they’re still recognizable. It’s really awesome to see people noticing it and reacting to it – it’s a huge victory for me! You can watch the full Major Lazer episode here on Hulu :)
This crowd shot also has basically the whole Major Lazer design crew in it including me, at the far right :) I also find it hilarious how people seem to think my friend Greg, the guy with the fro, is actually an existing anime character. It’s just my friend Greg haha xD
Anyway, I’m a little late to this news since I got my wisdom teeth out on Sunday and have been absolutely miserable. A friend linked me this today and it was a nice mood booster so I wanted to post :) Also this Friday is actually my last day at ADHD, so it’s also kinda weirdly come full circle.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm Not Dead!

Gosh I haven't posted here in like a billion years! Hopefully that'll change :) Trying to get back in the swing of things! I'm super picky about what I post on my online blogs, but I HAVE been trying to post regularly on my instagram which you can follow here!

I'm gonna try to only post more finished stuff online, but instagram is great for quick and dirty sketches, which is most of what I do xD

Anyway, just started playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I loved the new sneak animation! I wish my little mudkip would sneak with me though... that'd be even cuter ;_;

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dungeons and Dragons!!!

Soooo something else that I've started recently is playing DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!!! :D :D :D I've wanted to play D&D since I was a little kid but had no one to play with, so it's kind of a dream come true that I've got an awesome group now :) We've only had two sessions so far and we're going to have a third on Saturday, which I'm pretty psyched about. Above is my character, a halfling rogue/sorceror named Bryony Tanglewood. She's quite the firecracker and I love her to death :D

Here are some of my initial sketches for Bryony. She was a tough one because she's my character and I always have an image in my head where I know what the character is LIKE, I just have to scribble enough so they come out. I knew I wanted her to have a subtle exotic flair, but it took a while until I found her. I'm happy with her final design though :) I should really do a cleaned up version.

This is our druid, Markas, played by our friend Cid who's based in San Diego. Because of this, we record our sessions and I'm linking them below, for archiving purposes. Feel free to take a listen if you care enough! None of us have really played D&D before, but I think that's part of the fun :)

This is the process of getting a finalized design for Markas. I'm not really used to drawing men at all, especially non feminine looking men, so it's pretty challenging to design the guys in my group. It was really frustrating coming up with Markas, especially because I've never really drawn a manly man with a BEARD before, but I think I'm pretty happy with the result :) 

These are the first sketches I did for our bard, Pellin. He's not finalized yet, but since I posted the drawings I've done for the other characters so far I thought I might as well. :) He's definitely still in the works though!

These are parts 1 and 2 of our first campaign, A Dark and Stormy Knight. Part 1 doesn't actually start until like 32 min in but apparently I can't link that in a post....

And these are parts 1 and 2 of our most recent campaign, Time After Time, a custom campaign written by our DM. He uses an online app called Roll20 to create these maps for us, if you're wondering what it is you're looking at. It's pretty cool actually :)

Little Lilac

Little Lilac is a children's book project that I'm working on with my friend Christine. She's always wanted to write a children's book about her mother's life growing up in Germany during WWII. When she told me about her I was absolutely fascinated and agreed to do it right away! Christine started sending me pics of her mom growing up and WHERE she grew up…and I realized it’s like a real life fairytale. She would explore abandoned castles and hunt for mermaids…she basically immersed herself in a fairytale world as a distraction from what was happening with the war. It’s amazing! Not to mention right up my alley and something I would totally write except it’s REAL!!! :D :D :D Which makes it even better!

So anyway. These are sketches of her mom as a little girl (and the top pic is one of the ones Christine sent me). There is going to be major work done on this in the upcoming year, and I am BEYOND excited :)

Sketch Dump!

Considering it's almost the end of the year, I think I should probably post some of these drawings from a couple months ago that I never posted on here :\ Sketch dump! WOOHOO!

The sketches at the very top are early concepts of my character Elodie from the comic I'm working on called Graveyard Shift. The guy under those sketches is her male counterpart. He's supposed to start off fat and lose weight over the course of the comic, which is kinda challenging in terms of character design, to keep him looking the same after the weight loss. 

There are also some Charlie Day sketches in here from when I was high off Pacific Rim :D I just love Charlie Day to death... I really need to do some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fanart. That is LONG overdue.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Akame ga Kiru Study

I felt like this study was worth posting, since I haven't spent this much time on a study in a while and it was really fun :) I've been reading this manga, Akame ga Kiru (and now I'm caught up GAAHHH) and I've been saving pages of it to study because it has some killer action sequences, and the art is just SOOO gorgeous!

This panel in particular I chose to analyze because I've been focusing on understanding shapes, contours, forms and anatomy lately, and I thought that the contrast between hard and soft in this was really awesome. The way that the girl is juxtaposed against the hard suit of armor is really powerful and fun :D And man that guy looks SOOO badass!!! I've never actually drawn any type of robot or suit of armor seriously before, so understanding the different planes and how each part works together and how each line and wrinkles accentuates form was really exciting to me :) The contrast of values I found beautiful also, with light against dark in a bunch of different parts of the image like her hair against the cloak, the shadows of her dress against his leg... things like that.

I'm going to be doing a lot more Akame ga Kiru studies... I'm so in love with this manga, which is saying something. The last time I did any type of study on manga or anime was back in my Sailor Moon days. It's a great read and I highly recommended :) The perfect balance between action, comedy, drama, and romance, with really loveable characters and badass imaginative weapons. Super inspiring!!! You can check it out here!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Goodbye World, I'm Focusing on Foundation!

I haven't been posting on here lately, but I HAVE been posting on Tumblr. Why? Because I've decided to stop EVERYTHING and focus only on foundation. I realize I've been getting really frustrated and depressed lately because I KNOW that I am seriously lacking in so many aspects of artistic skill. Whenever I try to draw something that's out of my comfort zone, my body just automatically draws a girl. And I hate that. I don't wanna just draw GIRLS the rest of my life...I wanna be able to draw EVERYTHING!

So my bf, tired of all my whining, decided to force me to do this foundation that I've been saying I would focus on for like a year already. He came up with this curriculum and created a schedule for us every day, so we basically have a self study class from 9pm-midnight on weekdays, and on weekends we do field sketching for homework. On Fridays we have at least 3 spreads due for studio sketchbook of whatever we want, and homework is due a week from the day we have our class. Each day is different, Mondays and Wednesdays are dedicated to anatomy, Tuesdays is for design sketching, Thursdays is for visual communication which, in this case refers to lighting and shading, and Fridays is perspective.
I've basically shut myself off from the world and all social media except for the tumblrs that I post this stuff on. This seems extreme but I know this is what I need to get my shit together and finally feel good about myself and being productive. I'm not sure WHEN I'll be ready to return to society, but when I do I hope I'll finally be able to believe in myself. That's the ultimate goal here, because I am always the one holding me back and I'm sick of it.

ANYWAY. If you are at all interested in this, you can check out our "School" tumblr to see both of our work at, or you can follow MY journey at (I reblog to the school from this because I actually post more of my own exercises on here), and you can also follow my main tumblr which I'll be posting more refined work when I get to it.

The stuff I posted are SOME of the things I've been working on :) Go follow me on tumblr! It'll be a while before I post here again, but trust me...I am working my ass off.