Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sherlock Holmes

Okay so I am very disappointed with myself because I've been ridiculously busy lately (OMG I GOT PROMOTED AT WORK I'M THE MARKETING MANAGER WTF YAYYY) and so I haven't really had much time to draw... And Sherlock Holmes is VERY difficult for me for some reason. It's probably because I always draw women. Blargh.

Today is my last character design class, so I want to for sure turn in my homework...but I dunno if that's gonna happen. I need an expression sheet and a full body model sheet and BLARGH! IT'S NOT WORKING!

I might just cop out and draw Irene instead... even though I'm going to hate myself for it, more than I do already.

Yeah... I'll just do Sherlock later.

But anyway, these are my concepts for him. I at least tried.

Late Note: Ok. I didn't finish. But here's a picture of my awesome Character Design class!!! :) I learned so much, and think I broke through a slight barrier in my drawing ability thanks to least a little bit. Thank you Shiyoon Kim for an AMAZING class! :D