Monday, July 23, 2012

More Scrooge Development! Yay!

I'm actually really surprised at myself that I got this done today... FINALLY this project is moving! Phew. Here are some initial exploration sketches~ I still have a long way to go though...

Here are some recent (this week's homework) Scrooge explorations. Nothing's really been decided yet... was having kind of a problem :\ After thinking more about her past though, I think I'll do a better job of designing her now. 

And this is a doodle of Scrooge's sister, Fannie (I think that was her name?) who will also be my Ghost of Christmas Past. I decided to give the sister a way bigger role in my version of the story. Her design's still got a ways to go though :) This was more of a spur of the moment thing.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

People Sketching! :) YAY!

This was from the Puppet Improv show I saw at the Largo. One of the best shows I have EVER seen!!! Stuffed and Unstrung is an improv group of Henson puppeteers using a Henson puppets selected from a random wall of the things... it was AMAZING. You could watch them do their thang on stage, or watch the TVs as if you were like watching it from home. There are SO many things that these guys have to worry about... they are crazy talented. 

And all these are from downtown Glendale I think it was? For Shiyoon's class :) I really started to love the brush pen~! About time I'm posting these...

Scrooge Studies for David's Class

My post from the class blog! Copied...and pasted :)

We have to design Scrooge as a woman, one of the ghosts as an animal, and at least 3 characters. This will probably be irrelevant by Saturday when I redesign everything, but this is worth posting for growth reasons I guess :)

First Scrooge Silhouettes

Early Scrooge Ideas

Victorian Lady's Nightshirt Studies
Studies from a Victorian Nightshirt ad... that's where the prices are from. 

Early Bob Cratchit Studies

Early Tiny Tim Studies