Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decided to try a self portrait, for my "About Me" section on the side there. Think I'll wait a bit before changing it to this though, so there isn't too much repetition. I like hats. =)

Car Lights

I sit in a LOT of traffic, so a way for me to pass the time nowadays is to look at car lights. Since I can really only see the back of cars, I go by those instead of the headlights. I love how cars are so unique, like humans, and manufacturers manage to make those lights look different every time! So I got inspired one day and started taking pictures of interesting looking tail lights, and I thought it would be a good exercise to base characters off of them.

I'm not too good at it yet, but I'll practice. I started off with a Honda Fit (my car!) and a Toyota Prius. I really need to get out of my anime box! This should help. I want to do at least 2 cars a day! Here's hoping.. haha. =)

I know they look pretty similar. That's because they're both squarey, hatchbackey looking cars! But maybe when I get better at this I'll redraw them. Since I know I could probably do better. I just wanted to make sure I did a drawing for the day and this is what came out!

Figure Drawing = UGH!

I know how important figure drawing is...which is why I am saying UGH because I SUCK at it! Granted I have never taken a figure drawing class (which I need...BADLY!!!), but I think I really need to practice it more frequently, since it really is the foundation for...uh...everything?! Haha. I hate myself for always wanting to take formal drawing classes but NEVER actually doing it. That has to change. In February. I really hope I am quick enough to enroll for Kevin Chen's analytical figure drawing at CDA. ;__; I REALLY hope so.

Anyways, these are healthy reminders to myself how much I SUCK at figure drawing and why I really need to keep at it. Don't stay in your comfort zone, right? =)

I got the posemaniacs app on my phone now! So YAY! That should help!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sketch to color progress! I can't even remember the last time I colored Must've been sometime in high school? Haha. I'm a little rusty so it's taking me forever...

Briony Lyre

Random Doodle

Final Cat Years Girl Design

Old Cat Years Designs

So for my last quarter of college, I did an animation independent study. I admit I was so busy at that point of my life that I didn't give my animation all the time it once I learn more I want to redo it. Still, I think it makes sense to upload my designs from then. So I can see how much I improve in the years to come. =)

Looking at these old drawings...I realize I really need to use shape more. I always make everything look the same! That's my anime background for you I guess. =\ SIGH.

All Is Not Lost!

Wow. Looking back on this thing...I was in a really bad place then. Haha...anyways. Things have changed since! And with change comes inspiration! I am SO MOTIVATED to achieve my dreams! No more depressed Elora! O__O Time to work hard! The first step is getting this blog moving again =) Well... it was never really moving so...time to actually put it to use! I hope, hope, HOPE I can keep this up....