Sunday, August 25, 2013

Goodbye World, I'm Focusing on Foundation!

I haven't been posting on here lately, but I HAVE been posting on Tumblr. Why? Because I've decided to stop EVERYTHING and focus only on foundation. I realize I've been getting really frustrated and depressed lately because I KNOW that I am seriously lacking in so many aspects of artistic skill. Whenever I try to draw something that's out of my comfort zone, my body just automatically draws a girl. And I hate that. I don't wanna just draw GIRLS the rest of my life...I wanna be able to draw EVERYTHING!

So my bf, tired of all my whining, decided to force me to do this foundation that I've been saying I would focus on for like a year already. He came up with this curriculum and created a schedule for us every day, so we basically have a self study class from 9pm-midnight on weekdays, and on weekends we do field sketching for homework. On Fridays we have at least 3 spreads due for studio sketchbook of whatever we want, and homework is due a week from the day we have our class. Each day is different, Mondays and Wednesdays are dedicated to anatomy, Tuesdays is for design sketching, Thursdays is for visual communication which, in this case refers to lighting and shading, and Fridays is perspective.
I've basically shut myself off from the world and all social media except for the tumblrs that I post this stuff on. This seems extreme but I know this is what I need to get my shit together and finally feel good about myself and being productive. I'm not sure WHEN I'll be ready to return to society, but when I do I hope I'll finally be able to believe in myself. That's the ultimate goal here, because I am always the one holding me back and I'm sick of it.

ANYWAY. If you are at all interested in this, you can check out our "School" tumblr to see both of our work at, or you can follow MY journey at (I reblog to the school from this because I actually post more of my own exercises on here), and you can also follow my main tumblr which I'll be posting more refined work when I get to it.

The stuff I posted are SOME of the things I've been working on :) Go follow me on tumblr! It'll be a while before I post here again, but trust me...I am working my ass off.