Monday, September 12, 2011

My Roger's Gardens Halloween Video!!!! :D WATCH IT!

Blackstone Theater: Roger's Gardens Halloween 2011 from Elora Lyda on Vimeo.

It's always fun to compare concepts to the finished even though these are really quick sketches, I still want to post them for my records. Plus it's fun to compare them to the actual video :)

I think the thief costume was the most accurate....I drew these to prove that I was serious about this project, after I approached my boss saying that I wanted to do something "cinematic" with this year's Halloween display. They were all pretty fast and bad, and they were just the general "looks" I wanted for each character since I pretty much had to hunt for these pieces. Thank goodness for Gasoline Alley, this awesome vintage shop in Costa Mesa. :) It was like a dream come true! SO PERFECT!

The part of the diva and thief actually got switched in casting, so the dress and gloves we were going to use was actually similar to the one I drew, but lacier. We ended up using Emily's actual dress (the red one) because it looked best on her and worked out better in the end, but the dress we found at the vintage shop was really nice too.

Sylvr's black dress was a really lucky find after we visited the shop for a 3rd just happened to be hanging there and I grabbed it because it was almost exactly what I had envisioned. PHEW! :D

Spencer's stuff we just bought a vest from Forever 21 and he already had khaki pants. He ended up not using the bowtie I bought since none of us knew how to tie one, and then after his makeup was on, he looked way better without the hat.

Here is my crappy attempt at a storyboard, an effort which I abandoned after it took me too long and I started to just write it out and do walkthroughs of the sets. That helped me a lot more...since I can't really draw backgrounds and stuff. But I thought it was worth showing at least. :)

This was my first project with an actual full-on process like this, so I feel pretty accomplished. :D

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO!!!! I put a lot of effort into it, and my actors are amazing! Considering the thief is my assistant, the Director ghost is my SEO guy, and the two other girls are on the Merch team and helped set up Halloween. :) The girl in the red dress actually MADE that red dragon you see in the video!!! AMAZING!!!

There's a lot of talent at Roger's Gardens, and I feel SOOO grateful to be a part of it! :) I loved working with these people who I never really got a chance to talk to until recently...and I really got a sense of what Roger's Gardens is capable of.

When people ask me where I work, I say the easiest way to describe it is a Garden nursery....but it's way more than that. Please watch this video to understand. What these people do is very "Disney", and I'm just blown away at how AWESOME they are at it! I wanted to finally show that off in video form, to try and do justice to all the hard work that they do in just 2 weeks. Go check out the website! :)

I've only been Marketing Manager for 4 weeks now, and this will forever be known as my first daunting task as Roger's Gardens Marketing Manager. I did this in 3 weeks, and am very proud of myself for it. :) This is the kinda stuff that happens when you put me in charge...I don't think anyone here was expecting it.

I Missed This

Dang. After doing video for such a long time I really missed drawing. Wish I could stop mindlessly doodling women though and start drawing men -___-