Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Omg I Colored Something!

It's a miracle that I finished this, given the pit of loathing I was in for not having colored anything in years. Boy am I rusty. :\


Too bad I didn't realize the color profile on it was different from the computer though...can't seem to color balance it the way it looked in the cintiq!! How frustrating!!! :(

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great Scott! Back to the Future Studies! :O

Back to the Future is like my favorite movie EVER!!! It's one of those movies I can watch over and over...and a movie I DO watch when I'm frustrated/depressed. Yesterday was a nice rainy day and I was having Disney marathons due to...frustration/depression...and when I surprisingly got tired of that I put good ol' BTTF on! Cured my mood! And then I decided to draw it :)

I feel like I want to draw every single frame of this movie! SOOO FUN TO DRAW. Too bad I don't do Marty McFly justice. He's such a dream!!! ;)

I was told this looks like some kinda BTTF anime. HA. That'd be cool. ;)

Tabula Rasa Characters

I think that girl on the right has already gone through a lot of variations... hopefully I can tie her down soon D:

"You'll look just like Snow White!"

Hopefully I find some time to color this :\ Trying to figure out some new character for that project!

Sleeping Bunnie!

Sleeping animals are cute.

This New Guy...

Some new guy I'm trying to design for some new project I'm thinking up.