Monday, January 24, 2011


Lately I've been busy writing Abacus, the webcomic I'm going to launch (hopefully!!!) next month! If I actually get to drawing it. Blah. That's why I haven't been posting...sigh. But now I'm finally getting to the character designs of my characters. Here's the main girl, Aome (Pronounced A-oh-me). She's blind and albino. =) Doesn't look it in this pic though. I'm excited to get some color into her! She buys and wears things based on texture and comfort, and she's got a pretty eccentric personality. She has what seems like an infinite collection of weirdly shaped glasses, which she cycles through and usually has on. For this pic though I wanted to get her eyes in there. She's holding generic heart shaped sunglasses, but she has weirder ones by far. =)

I always have a buncha characters running around in my head, but Aome is my favorite so far. I think she is the character I've created most similar to me personality-wise, because you know, I'm not exactly blind or albino.