Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Disneyland Is My New Office!

Now that I'm jobless, I can go to Disneyland however much I want... which is like... everyday. Since there's no AC at home, I'd rather just hang out at the park. It's pretty nice :) I've actually really taken to watching the various musical/performance groups around both Disneyland and DCA. I'm planning on sketching ALL of them!!! :D I'm starting with the Bootstrappers in New Orleans Square. They're pretty awesome :) Here are some sketches of Grieving Tim, the accordion player. I REALLY LOVE how all the pirates moveeee. Very... piratey :) I am soooo glad Disneyland exists.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Scrooge Final For David Colman's Character Design Class

So, when people see this, they usually say something like "Wha? Scrooge is a woman? What is this?" and yes. For our redesign project, David made us design Scrooge as a woman, and one of the ghosts as an animal. Anyway!
I still have a lot to do for this project... I really fell in love with it after really thinking about the story :) You can really change it a lot, just thinking about the premise of Scrooge as a female. Women deal with many different things, especially emotional things. I had a lot of fun coming up with a story I could relate to more. You know, as a woman. 

I definitely plan on going back and refining these, designing the whole cast and adding color. I'm just posting this because it's my presentation for class tonight. I didn't finish nearly as much as I wanted to finish, but boy did I learn a lot about the character design process. That's the most valuable thing :) I think this class made me realize everything I still have to learn to be adequate... so I'm going to go into MAJOR study mode now. 

Especially because I just quit my job :D (Last day was August 10! WHOA!) Time to chase those dreams, Elora! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Younger Scrooge and Her Sis

I realized I don't know how to draw sisters, because all of my previous Fannie concepts really made her look completely unrelated to Scrooge! So finally I attempted to at least try and make them look somewhat similar? I hope I succeeded a bit! Also updated the middle-aged Scrooge design from Week 8.

Meese? Moose? ....Moxen?

I really need to learn how to draw animals... it's great that David's forcing us to make one of our ghosts for our Scrooge project an animal. I chose turning the Ghost of Christmas Present into a moose. Too bad I don't really know how to draw moosies yet. T__T Thought it would be worth it to chronicle my struggles on here. I know they're not really expressing too much personality right now and they all look really similar--gonna definitely work on that for sure. I think today was reserved for just learning how to draw the body structure of a moose and getting comfortable with that. Hopefully the final result is decent. xD

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scrooge Project Week 8

More development sketches on my female Scrooge for David Colman's character design class! It's getting down to the wire here so I'm trying to come up with a concrete concept. Copied and pasted from class blog~

Past Scrooge
The world of the past is a big focus in my story, and it was easier to design her after I understood her progression :) These still need work, but I wanted to move on to present Scrooge. I could spend forever on these!

Present Scrooge
I know I probably need to work on the costumes a bit more in terms of wrinkles, folds and drapery, but I feel like I've at least got a design that I like enough to continue exploration with. Still gotta do those expression sketches though, and also more variations on her hair. I want to make it look more like a hermit crab. Her hair is a representation of her progression, so it's essentially one of the most important parts of her design.

Exploration Sketches
Alright... here's all my nasty diarrhea of the pen.

Fannie/Ghost of Christmas Past Concepts
My Ghost of Christmas Past is actually going to be Scrooge's sister Fannie...these are probably too cutesy though. I want to make them more whimsical and flowy... she looks too alive here--I want to make sure she looks like a ghost.