Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Appa.... T__T

I was gonna draw more stuff today, but I ended up watching 7 episodes of Avatar The Last Airbender. Only 6 more to go till book 3! If I didn't have work it would go faster... =(

But yeah. This is really all I could do because I gotta sleep! I love Appa! And, assuming that most people who read this have already seen Avatar (since apparently I'm like the only person who's never watched it...) I was devastated when he got captured. ;__; Man...that series is really getting good right about now. I also really wanted to draw Toph, cuz she is damn awesome. But maybe tomorrow. I only have 10 more mins of being 21, and I'm planning on spending them in a nice warm shower! Because yeah... I got work tomorrow and wanna wake up as late as possible. Happy birthday to me.


  1. Awesome ^_^

    After I saw the shamamilion train wreck in theaters I had to watch the series just to see if there was any excuse for it being the way it was. I was so sucked in that I endeed up watching the entire series in 3 days and decided there was no excuse for that tragedy of a film... well there was an excuse but just that shammy can't write dialogue and should have never been allowed to write the screenplay for it.

  2. I COMPLETELY agree! I actually meant to watch it like 2 years ago but never got around to it. Then when I saw PARTS of the film, not even the whole one, it just disgusted me how a movie could be so bad, and I was intrigued because I had heard such good things about the series. I'm glad the series was as good as people say. It's super addicting and goes really fast...and it's just so sad to see how one guy could singlehandedly destroy something so magical. I really, really hope that someone awesome reboots it and does the film adaptation that it deserves. It really should have been a kickass film. It angers me SOOOO MUCHHHH!!! >=0!! AND I STILL HAVENT EVEN SEEN THE FULL MOVIE! Hahaha xD I am just really upset because even without having seen the entire thing, I already know they destroyed Sokka, and he is like one of my super favorite characters. SIGH.

  3. I used your drawing as a reference to do a little color sketch for a friend's birthday! It was just too cute!! :) (In case you want to see it -
    I just needed to let you know! hehe. I always feel compelled to tell people if I even blink in the direction of their artwork.

    1. AWWWW THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! I am VERY honored!!! :D That turned out awesomely! GREAT JOB!!! I hope Addy had a wonderful birthday~ ;)