Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super Quick Work Sketch

I've been writing a comic about life...much like Johnny Wander, because a lot of really stupid things happen to me. I think it's about time to actually start it. Make it know. A diary. =D I was checking up on my old webcomic yesterday and can't believe I was able to do that when I was like 12 or whatever (exaggeration). So I'm sure I can do better now! Also, the Princess and the Pea rendition I'm planning I want to eventually make into a webcomic too, but that one is gonna be toughhhh. I need some practice first! So I think right now I'm going to try and start figuring out who my most frequent characters are and what they look like in comic book form. So watch out! You might see yourself on here soon! xD Bwahaha!

Anyway. This is a quick sketch of comic me! I wish I looked like this in real life... haha. I do dress like this though! It's what I'm currently wearing =) Something you should know about me...I hate wearing pants. =\ Unless they're pajama pants! Otherwise I try to get away with a dress or big shirt + leggings whenever I can.

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