Monday, September 2, 2013

Akame ga Kiru Study

I felt like this study was worth posting, since I haven't spent this much time on a study in a while and it was really fun :) I've been reading this manga, Akame ga Kiru (and now I'm caught up GAAHHH) and I've been saving pages of it to study because it has some killer action sequences, and the art is just SOOO gorgeous!

This panel in particular I chose to analyze because I've been focusing on understanding shapes, contours, forms and anatomy lately, and I thought that the contrast between hard and soft in this was really awesome. The way that the girl is juxtaposed against the hard suit of armor is really powerful and fun :D And man that guy looks SOOO badass!!! I've never actually drawn any type of robot or suit of armor seriously before, so understanding the different planes and how each part works together and how each line and wrinkles accentuates form was really exciting to me :) The contrast of values I found beautiful also, with light against dark in a bunch of different parts of the image like her hair against the cloak, the shadows of her dress against his leg... things like that.

I'm going to be doing a lot more Akame ga Kiru studies... I'm so in love with this manga, which is saying something. The last time I did any type of study on manga or anime was back in my Sailor Moon days. It's a great read and I highly recommended :) The perfect balance between action, comedy, drama, and romance, with really loveable characters and badass imaginative weapons. Super inspiring!!! You can check it out here!