Monday, January 3, 2011

Avatar The Last Airbender

I almost didn't do a drawing today because it was such a crappy day! Seriously. It really sucks being female sometimes. Sigh. The only thing that fixed it was Avatar (The Last Airbender..NOT the movie...) I know I'm a little late to that whole thing, but better late than never! I remember when it came out I didn't have cable and was too lazy to download it while it was still happening. I was always jealous that people got to watch it! BUUUTTTT, with the advent of Netflix, I FINALLY GET TO!! WOOHOO!!! =) So expect more Avatar fanart to come...haha.

Anyways, I bring to you a quick, last minute sketch of Aang and an even quicker one of Sokka. Aang is SOOOO adorable!!!! I love his attitude! <3 And Sokka is hilarious! I'll probably do a better drawing of him later because I love him so much. =) We got to book 2 today!!!~ Yeeee! Netflix is amazing. I should've gotten it earlier!

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