Friday, July 8, 2011

The Uncrappiest of the Crap

So I finally feel like my character design class is sinking in a bit. The lecture this week was greatttt :D I really learned a lot from seeing Shiyoon's process and watching his demos. I realized that I care too much about messing up my sketchbooks, so now I don't use them anymore...just loose paper like people have told me to do in the past. I should've done that earlier... I'm way less worried about what my doodles will look like. :) And I draw WAYYY more.

But anyway, after like over 50 pages of crap, I decided I've already reached my goal of drawing everyday. I think I've gotten into a good habit, which makes me super happy! Never thought it was possible! :D But yeah, I'm so not posting everything I draw anymore, like I have before... it would be too much. Instead, these are the best of the worst. :)

I think I'm starting to notice a change, or maybe I'm imagining it. -__-

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