Saturday, July 30, 2011

Board Bunnies!

This is the result of tutoring Amanda today :) :) :) I'm helping her make characters for her skate/snow/surf company she's making for class. SUPERRRRRRRR SUPER FUN!!! ANDDDDD I'm getting paid! WOOHOO!~ :D was I ever scared of using Sharpie for drawing? IT'S AMAZING! <3 I like the roughs so much more than the cleanups -__- Sigh.


  1. They should totally make a new version of Trix marketed towards girls. It can be called Trixies and these can be their mascots! Instead of a fruity shaped tasting cereal it will be in the shape of men's hearts after they've been ripped out of their chest. Cuz...that's what women do...they take it...and they eat it! Witha 8 oz. of milk!

    Then you make dolls and it'll turn into a whole line of creepy sexualized anthropomorphic statues that fat guys will collect. There will be a stand at comic-con just for them! You can have a comic-con exclusive set and the people lining up to get them will consist of middle-aged fat men mixed with 8 year-old girls wearing geoGirl eco friendly make up!

    Good job! <3


  2. dang vince thats a great idea!!!! then i can finally achieve my dream of having a booth at comic con! and FANS!!!! *___*!~ <3

    i think that cereal would be a huge success. mmmm... heartssss.