Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let's go back to 2009 now, shall we? :)

Today I took a nostalgia trip back to my Winter 2009 Interactivity class...the class I was most scared of ever in college. Now, I'm no programmer, and I'm not proud of much, but I think what I managed to pull outta the air for this class was pretty good. And even if it's not that good, it sure is fun to look back at. :) So I thought I'd share! If not for you, then for the future~ You're welcome to interact with these projects :D Especially the alphabet book! If they don't work... sorry :\

Click here to play! :) My favorite one :D

This was my choose your own adventure game I made. Our teacher gave us a bunch of these scientific images and we had to make a game out of them. So naturally... I turned my amoebas into heroes. :)
Click here to play!

This was my final project, StarStar Phone Home. It actually doesn't work too I never really finished my final :\ But at least my teacher said I had good graphics! :D Check it out :) At least for its cuteness

And here are all my projects for the class :)


  1. 2009? That seems like so long ago, haha. Cool to see your past work and accomplishments! It shows us how far we've come along.

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  3. Let's do a remake of your "Starstar Phone Home" game. It bothers me that it doesn't work lol. It'll have a special cow can grab Mario as a power-up (opposite world 2-3!)...starstar will actually phone home..and we'll have an actual enemy!

    i'm thinking orion and he's chasing after starstar because s(he) used to be the buckle to his belt. he can't please virgo without a shiny buckle!

    orion - "virgo, go out with me!"

    virgo - "ew, no! your belt is loosened. i must protect my virginity!"