Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mitch & Macie

I have class today and naturally am freaking out because some turnarounds and expressions sheets are due... thank goodness I managed to pull this one out of my ass this morning. Still got a long way to go though before 7:30 tonight. Hopefully I can squeeze some stuff in while I'm at work SIGHHHH.

UPDATE: I MADE IT FOR CLASS (At the very last minute...) :D Added the little girl (just named her Macie) in here too...since this was all one assignment. Macie was more rushed, since I was scribbling her down at like 5:30 after work and I thought I'd be late. Thank goodness I finished :) It was a very heavy critique day, so I'm glad I was able to get my stuff up on time so Shiyoon could provide some great feedback. I really love these characters, so even though the assignment is over I'm gonna keep working with them. These 2 are siblings... and along with their parents, they definitely fit under the assignment title of a "dysfunctional family". I'm really thankful that my character design class really forced me to explore so many different character variations and personalities. All my previous anxiety and frustration trying to come up with something original really paid off in the end, and taught me a lot about what it takes to be a real character designer. I still have a long way to go with these guys, but at least I've got their personalities and looks tied down. Definitely don't want all this work to go to waste. Already got 2 projects in mind :D EXCITED!!!~


  1. very cool, very solid! minor tweak on the 2nd drawing, the roll up on a left leg is not consistent. And both arms in the pocket is higher than the rest of the drawing. Other than that, for a last minute drawing, is very cool!

  2. thanks ivan!!! :D yeah i noticed that too.. ughhh so lame. gonna go fix it in photoshop xD haha! its funny because that's the first drawing i did too and for some reason i didnt pay attention to that stupid leg... :\ that's what critiques are for :D

    also...sorry i missed you at comic con! my phone was acting up the whole time. :( and it kept dying too! blargghh. hope you had fun!

  3. man you're so cool! mitch shouldn't be eating all that candy~ he has braces!

  4. Wow!! If this is what you do when you're in a hurry, what are you capable of when you have plenty of time? Somebody, give this artist a job!

  5. fantastic, a great sketches, this is powerfull and cute, very nice work

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