Monday, March 21, 2011

Rad Sketch Session Hollywood! (3/19/11)

I think I might be starting to get it...maybe. Hopefully. I like the top one best. I love microns :D

Amy and I got there super late, so we hung out after to draw on our own. Frank and Ron came with us :) Super awesome guys!! And really, really helpful. They are so talented and experienced we learned SOOOO much! We ate at 25 degrees at the Roosevelt Hotel, best burgers I've ever had! :D


  1. cool, i like the little girl with the black hair and dress on the top page! funny, i was at that sketch session, but did not happen to meet you guys. haha,maybe next time.

  2. oh really? :O yeah we came late when everyone was about to leave pretty much, so we just hung around the area and continued the sketch session on our own time :) that might be why~ and thanks! :D

  3. you are magicful , lyda .. I love your girls pic !!