Monday, September 10, 2012

August Disneyland Sketchdump

I kinda went to Disneyland a lot in August... so I figure it's about time I posted some of the sketches I did there. I'm posting in order of oldest to newest (two sets from August 16, one from August 27 and one from August 30). The first set has my buddy Alex on the left with the Minnie ears, and a lot of sitting kids from the big animation building in California Adventure. We did Turtle Talk with Crush... love that place :D Then the 3rd set is a lot of people from New Orleans Square... that day I got stickers from a guy at the Disney Vacation cart because he liked my drawings! Then the last set is mainly from the Golden Horseshoe, which is a really great place to get work done because of the hilarious show and also the AIR CONDITIONING!!! UGHHH WHEN IS IT GONNA STOP BEING HOT ALREADY?!

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