Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scrooge Project Week 8

More development sketches on my female Scrooge for David Colman's character design class! It's getting down to the wire here so I'm trying to come up with a concrete concept. Copied and pasted from class blog~

Past Scrooge
The world of the past is a big focus in my story, and it was easier to design her after I understood her progression :) These still need work, but I wanted to move on to present Scrooge. I could spend forever on these!

Present Scrooge
I know I probably need to work on the costumes a bit more in terms of wrinkles, folds and drapery, but I feel like I've at least got a design that I like enough to continue exploration with. Still gotta do those expression sketches though, and also more variations on her hair. I want to make it look more like a hermit crab. Her hair is a representation of her progression, so it's essentially one of the most important parts of her design.

Exploration Sketches
Alright... here's all my nasty diarrhea of the pen.

Fannie/Ghost of Christmas Past Concepts
My Ghost of Christmas Past is actually going to be Scrooge's sister Fannie...these are probably too cutesy though. I want to make them more whimsical and flowy... she looks too alive here--I want to make sure she looks like a ghost. 

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