Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Veggie T-Rex!!! - HHSC Week 2

So I went to Disney Animation on Friday and got some REALLY great advice from some really awesome people. It was exactly what I needed...gonna start trying harder than I ever have. Just need to get outta this slump first :\

Huge thanks to Ben for creating http://hhsc.tumblr.com, the blog for our Tuesday sketch group! :) This week's theme was DINOSAURS!!! :D So here's my attempt at it!

It would really suck to be a vegetarian T-Rex... :( I feel for the little guy! Even though I'm not vegetarian myself, this is a shout out to all my veggie friends :D

And yes I know, I need to practice coloring. This is the first of many! I kinda gave up on this one... exhausting day D:

Also, this post is already week 2?! Yeah...I need to get Week 1's swamp elder up ASAP :\ ON MY LIST! Argh.

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