Thursday, February 16, 2012

Too Much Cuteness....

Soooo I know it's over, but here's a Valentine's doodle I did for my bf. He always thinks that he's evil and he's really not. He has a Darth Vader lightsaber, Empire shirt and robe, and insists he's on the dark side, but he's actually super nice and adorable and won't even kill a spider... So this sums us up pretty well. :)Speaking of Valentine's Day, this one actually turned out to be one of the best, when I wasn't expecting anything at ALL. But when I got home after my sketch group I walked into the room to THIS BEAUTY hanging over my desk!!! YES!! THIS IS A HOME MADE TANGLED LANTERN courtesy of my super talented and amazing bf!!! :D I literally almost cried :'D A legit surprise is always best :) :) :)

It actually looks like this in the movie, but he added really nice texture, and the purple glow it gives off is realllllyyy pretty!~ He put his little spin on it, which he always does, and it turned out fannnntastic :)

Alright that's it for the Valentine's stuff. Sorry about that. Gag.


  1. I'm glad you and your boyfriend had an awesome day! =D

  2. That's awesome, Elora! I'm happy for you and kudos to your boyfriend as well. Nice sketch too, I love the story in it.

  3. Hi there, what a great blog, i love your drawings! Very dynamic ...
    And the lantern is super nice :)