Thursday, May 19, 2011

Red Hair and Freckles! :D

So I'm a huge fan of red hair and freckles. I've always wished that I was born with freckles..but sadly I wasn't. Maybe I can paint them on?

Anyway. Does this make me love gingers? When did gingers get such a bad rep anyways? Was it because of South Park? I think gingers are ADORABLE! And whenever someone says "ginger" I think of Coldstone's awesome gingerbread cookie cake they have at Christmas time. I don't really like gingerbread aside from that still smells nice!!! Do gingers smell like gingerbread? Maybe at Christmas? Hmmm.

...Is it bad that I said ginger a bajillion times? Is that derogatory? I don't mean anything bad by it. :( I just really like them!


  1. i dunno about all the ginger love here, but nice new logo =P

  2. thankssss! :D yeah it was time for a change~ lol yeah i dunno where all that love came from actually xD