Thursday, February 24, 2011

Personality Test

So...I'm supposed to post a drawing today that I have planned, hopefully I can squeeze it in at lunch because I am busy as all hell nowadays and never have ANY spare time in the day at ALL to do ANYTHING.


Anyway, Ali had this awesome idea to make clothes out of people's personalities, so I did this personality test for her (I LOVE taking these things :D) and
you can click here for my results. You know, if you care enough? :P This is mainly for my own personal future reference, because I think it's pretty accurate. Fits me to a T. (what does that mean exactly? I never really knew...) If you wanna take the test, click HERE. It's fun! :D Or click the link below. I guess that's my color map? O_o I haven't finished reading it yet haha~

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