Thursday, December 30, 2010

Figure Drawing = UGH!

I know how important figure drawing is...which is why I am saying UGH because I SUCK at it! Granted I have never taken a figure drawing class (which I need...BADLY!!!), but I think I really need to practice it more frequently, since it really is the foundation for...uh...everything?! Haha. I hate myself for always wanting to take formal drawing classes but NEVER actually doing it. That has to change. In February. I really hope I am quick enough to enroll for Kevin Chen's analytical figure drawing at CDA. ;__; I REALLY hope so.

Anyways, these are healthy reminders to myself how much I SUCK at figure drawing and why I really need to keep at it. Don't stay in your comfort zone, right? =)

I got the posemaniacs app on my phone now! So YAY! That should help!

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