Thursday, December 30, 2010

Car Lights

I sit in a LOT of traffic, so a way for me to pass the time nowadays is to look at car lights. Since I can really only see the back of cars, I go by those instead of the headlights. I love how cars are so unique, like humans, and manufacturers manage to make those lights look different every time! So I got inspired one day and started taking pictures of interesting looking tail lights, and I thought it would be a good exercise to base characters off of them.

I'm not too good at it yet, but I'll practice. I started off with a Honda Fit (my car!) and a Toyota Prius. I really need to get out of my anime box! This should help. I want to do at least 2 cars a day! Here's hoping.. haha. =)

I know they look pretty similar. That's because they're both squarey, hatchbackey looking cars! But maybe when I get better at this I'll redraw them. Since I know I could probably do better. I just wanted to make sure I did a drawing for the day and this is what came out!


  1. Sugoi! (as soon as you break out of your anime box, you'll get an English compliment)

  2. LOL!!!! you're funny mike! xD i look forward to that day!!! =)