Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Hope I Don't Get Addicted To Blogging...

Okay okay. One last post for the night. I have a feeling I'm gonna get addicting to blogging. =\ Ugh. And I cannot WAIT to make this thing look nice. =) But yeah today I decided to get serious again about my art and I want to develop a better style... so here is my attempt. This is a random test and I think I like it, so hopefully I can keep this up. It was really fun to take out the prismas and mess around with's been a while. =)

Oh yeahhhh! And today Greg let me know about this game that's apparently in development called "Epic Mickey." I thought it was a joke at first but actually looking at this thing makes me really excited. It indeed looks pretty epic. Disney and steampunk? Hmmmmm....

I must admit I was skeptical of Kingdom Hearts but then I got majorly obsessed over some people know. But yeah this looks pretty damn awesome. And dark. Hehe. Click here to check it out!!!

There is someone screaming outside. It's kinna freaking me out. O_O

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