Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Got My Scanner To Work!!!

So I decided to post some things since my mom forced me to hook up my scanner/printer anyways. I feel like I'm in such an awful stage right now trying to have a style. T__T Urgh.

So I drew this "ice cream girl" on the right after I wondered what it would be like to be ice cream...then I thought it would pretty much suck because then you'd be melting the whole day. But oh how I love ice cream! Haha. I actually want to make a shirt like this...where the collar is a turtle neck and you can unfold it and it'll look like an ice cream cone around your head. =) Mweehee. This was like the first thing I drew this summer...

Then when I was at work I saw this really cute little boy with a mohawk which inspired me to draw the little boy on the left. And then I dunno where the girl came from. When my friend Greg saw these though he said "All of the characters you draw are looking up and have that same sour expression on their face like they're afraid a bird is gonna poop on them." I realized he was right and decided something must be done. -__- Because I suck just that bad. The other stuff is worse. So bad I won't post it here. What I WILL post though is a random sketch I did when I had to wait at Disneyland all day for my shift. It was nice to just sit around and relax without being pressured to go on rides and make good use of time at an amusement park. It's actually really calming to chill at Disneyland. =)


This on the left is my attempt at actually drawing a building...which I never do. But since I was at Disneyland and I really love Tom Sawyer's island (well now it's "Pirates Lair") I decided to draw it, and I was in the perfect place to do so. =) I felt bad later though because I was taking up a table for like 6 people and I was all by myself. =\ So then I left to go watch the Aladdin musical.

But yeah.

I think that's enough for now. I really like this blogspot thing. Why didn't I get one sooner?!?! =0 Haha.

And I ended up not watching Star Wars tonight...I watched Hancock instead then did other things. Hancock wasn't actually as bad as I thought it would be! I actually liked the turn it took in the second half...took me by surprise. Mmmm.

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