Thursday, December 26, 2013

Little Lilac

Little Lilac is a children's book project that I'm working on with my friend Christine. She's always wanted to write a children's book about her mother's life growing up in Germany during WWII. When she told me about her I was absolutely fascinated and agreed to do it right away! Christine started sending me pics of her mom growing up and WHERE she grew up…and I realized it’s like a real life fairytale. She would explore abandoned castles and hunt for mermaids…she basically immersed herself in a fairytale world as a distraction from what was happening with the war. It’s amazing! Not to mention right up my alley and something I would totally write except it’s REAL!!! :D :D :D Which makes it even better!

So anyway. These are sketches of her mom as a little girl (and the top pic is one of the ones Christine sent me). There is going to be major work done on this in the upcoming year, and I am BEYOND excited :)

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