Friday, November 2, 2012

Willa Character Sheet

I was kinda in a bad place last night… I wasn’t having fun drawing Willa at all and she’s the main character of this story I’m working on! So yeah… was kinda depressing. I drew her like a bajillion times and she just had no life to her… but then today I got the “Art of Wreck-It Ralph” book and boy was that an inspiration :) Before I was so focused on keeping her simple that she was all stiff, but after I started loosening up, she started to have some personality. I still have a bajillion more drawings to do of her before I’m comfortable, but I think I’m finally heading in the right direction maybe~


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    1. Hi Elora,

      I'm stumbling upon your blog for the first time and these are adorable! Hope LA is treating you well and looking forward to more of your work.


  2. woow your artwork and style just gave me inspiration and good reference too look..i am currently designing a character for a game and i am going to use some elements of your design as reference