Thursday, October 11, 2012

'Alienated' Character Exploration: Willa

Soooo I'm taking Marshall Vandruff's Sketching for Animators and Illustrators class at Fullerton College right now, and the cool thing about it is that we get to design our own project... so it's basically like independent study :) Awesome. Therefore I'm taking this opportunity to FINALLY create a short film. My midterm is next week and we have to show a pre-production presentation board, so I'm kinda freaking out since I wanna have as much material as possible for it. For my final I'm planning on doing storyboards and hopefully an animatic for the film I wanna animate early next year... never done that before so I'm preeettttyyy excited :D Just wish I had more time to work on this stuff. Ugh.

Anyway. Here are some early character explorations of the female lead, Willa. I'm still trying to figure her out, so it's a lotta scribbly diarrhea, but I figure I'd post it anyway.

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